• Trucking

    We take them from all ports
  • Air Freight

    Get them Delivered Quick
  • Sea Freight

    Do you want to deliver in a large quantity?
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Road freight

Insured Trucks that can deliver your goods whenever you are

Sea Freight

We have the ability to transport them even bigger and perishable

Air freight

Want them to get there quick? may be so perishable or not too heavy? we have all what it takes

Ware housing

We have the ability to store your goods in a safe and insured place


Our Services are insured you don't have to worry again.
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  • Operations

    •supply chain optimization
    •service provider selection
    •in-transit visibility inventory visibility and online tracking
    •freight management by dedicated personal
    •inventory management by dedicated personal
    •transportation, warehousing and logistic expertise
    •equipment inspection expertise
    •Cargo Tracking
  • Strategy

    •supply chain optimization
    •service provider selection
    •data reporting and metrics
    •freight contract negotiation
    •transporting sourcing strategy
    •warehousing sourcing strategy
    •KPI, HSE, QC management strategy
    •3PL management strategy
  • Support

    •supply chain optimization
    •in-transit visibility inventory visibility and online tracking
    •data reporting and metrics
    •freight invoice auditing single transport bill
    •transportation management software
    •warehouse management software
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About Microtechnics

Microtechnics Investments is a limited Company that owns different investments, As on the clearing & Forwarding and Transportations of  goods using our trucks international and national. We have over 20 years experience in this field, and qualified experts and more.

Our Company is insured with Jubilee for her services, all this is to make sure that our client is comfortable with us and and all risks are already taken care-of by us, Transportation services is indeed a risky work so insurance of your goods is among the most important things we have focused on.

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More About Microtechnics

  • image •Bonded Warehouse Service Providers
    •Free Warehouse Service Providers
    •Inland Container Depot Services
    •Car Depots
    •Transit Storage Service Providers


  • image •Long Haul Truckers
    •National Wide Distributors
    •Self Loader Truck Providers
    •Wide Load Truck Providers
    •Passenger Logistics Service Providers
    •Inland Water Ways Transport Providers
    •Shipping Lines


  • image •Rigorous service provider vetting through set of pre-requisites
    •Standard inspection in line with client safety compliance standards
    •Fit for purpose vehicle certification issued
    •Daily updates to client by the dedicated CRO
    •Response time
    •Uniform set of rules for all service providers
    •Client KPI management & performance monitoring
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  • image •Management of Service Providers
    •Freight Contract Management
    •Continuous Improvement Programs
    •Vehicle/Equipment Inspection
    •Warehouse Management
    •Consolidated/Single Transport billing
    •Freight negotiation with the 3rd party Logistics Providers
    •Logistics/Supply Chain Consultancy and training
    •KPI Management & compliance monitoring
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  • image •Self Loader Truck Services
    •Human Resource
    •Crane Service Providers
    •Forklift Service Providers
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